Sunday, May 8, 2011

My First Mother's Day

There are dishes to be washed and laundry to be folded, but I've been laying on the floor playing with my baby girl. No better way to spend a day just for mommies :). Now I'm watching her sleep peacefully...
I never thought I could love someone as much as I love Paisley. It's a different kind of love than what I feel for Brian. When I look at her I feel overwhelmed with emotion. I can't even describe some of it. I'm proud, protective, in awe, joyful, scared, and sad to think that one day she will be a grown woman and not my little baby girl. I know so many people love her, but not the way I do. I'm her mom.

The day began with breakfast in bed served by Paisley and Daddy. Scrabled cheese eggs and toast with butter and jam. Simple, but delicious. Then came the presents...I'm surprised Brian was able to wait until actual mother's day, he was so excited about what he and Paisley did. I got very excited when I saw the Anthropologie box, it's one of my favorite stores! When I opened it I found a neat glass bottle with a rolled up piece of cloth inside. It was my very own message in a bottle! On the message were the sweetest pair of footprints and the words "Happy 1st Mother's Day, Love Paisley." That project included ink, baby feet, and a good scrub down! :) Brian said he tried to get her hands too, but every time he put her hands on the ink pad she would scrunch them up into a ball. Way to go Dad! But wait, there was more...Brian picked me out the coolest scarf/necklace and earrings to match. Thanks guys, I loved everything!

We also went to lunch with Brian's mom to celebrate her motherhood! We went to BJ's and had the norm...deep dish pizza and pazookie of course! Love you Grandma.

I want to make a shout out to my mom in Georgia...Now that I am a mom, I have a newfound appreciation for you and all that you've done for me and my brothers. All of the "you'll understand when you're a mom" lines have so much more meaning now :). I love you so much! I am so lucky to have two great role models to look up to. Thanks Mom and Mom W.

In honor of Mother's Day, three generations...

Besides Mother's day, Hannah had prom and Paisley met Carrie (Chrissy's sister). We were able to see Hannah (my little sister-in-law) and Jeremiah off...they looked fabulous. Hannah is such a beautiful young woman! They had a great time and Heather (another sister-in-law) even called in to Tia Rosas and paid for thier dinner, what a sweet sister!

We met the Hobson's and Jenna at The Coffee Shop for brunch on Saturday, and of course when Van heard Paisley would be there he made sure to come. So it was a bunch of girls and Van :). It was so cute to watch Carrie hold Paisley. She had never held a baby before and she kept asking me questions like "So how do you brush her teeth?" Hahaha, silly Carrie, babies don't have teeth yet. :) Paisley was glad to meet her. Oh, Paisley got a nice compliment from a lady that runs a day care. She said Paisley was the most beautiful baby she had ever seen, and she sees a lot of babies. Go Paisley!

And the babe awakes...


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Husband: "Have you posted on the blog lately?" Wife: "When would I have had time to post?"

So, having a baby has proven to be VERY time consuming, not to mention I'm back at work...thus the lack of posts :). This weekend was very busy for the little Warren family. I had my first day back to work on Friday and Paisley stayed home and worked with Daddy. Brian planned a great family fun night on Friday. We went to a cute little Thai place in downtown Chandler, Latitude Eight. I had Pineapple fried rice w/ chicken and Brian had Yellow curry chicken. Both dishes were very yummy! Then we headed over to one of the "Best in Phoenix" gelato shops. It's called Angel Sweet. The coconut gelato was super tasty, as was the Peanut butter! Following dessert we headed to the mall to look for a new dress to wear to Dan and Alaina's wedding in July. We were unsuccessful. Brian was so patient though. The hunt for the new dress continues. :)

This is how I found Paisley when I got home Friday afternoon. I thought Dad's wardrobe choice was funny, so plain and basic. He also had her pants hiked up over her belly like an old man :). I give him an 'A' for effort though. Love you honey!

Of course I changed her before we went out for our family fun night. This is her after mommy got ahold of her...

At Latitude Eight

p.s. Paisley's face after not seeing mommy all day...

Saturday, Paisley and I ran a bunch of errands and Daddy went golfing with Grandpa. That evening we went to the Bassett's for a Par-tay and Paisley had her first babysitting adventure with Grandma and Grandpa. She told me that she had a great time!

We tried a new church on Sunday, The Grove. I really enjoyed it. It's very contemporary with an upbeat worship band and lots of young families. The head pastor did not preach, so we are going to go back next weekend to check him out. That afternoon we hung out with Glenn, Jenna, Serena, and Frank. Paisley had fun meeting a few new people.

Monday was Paisley's first day with Ms. Brenda (her babysitter and Grandma's best friend). She was such a good girl and took the bottle very well. Mommy and Daddy are very proud of her! I made it through the day pretty well, but I got sad when I got home and remembered I have to go to work the rest of the week. I miss her so much during the day :(. 17 more work days til summer!!!

Until next time...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Giving in...

Seeing as I have people that I love scattered all over God's green earth...I'm giving in to the requests for me to start a blog. I don't think I'm very interesting, but my sweet baby girl is. So, now everyone can keep up with the exciting life of little Miss Paisley. I'm not promising that I'll be a good blogger...I am a new mom! BUT, I will try.